Best universities in nigeria For masters degree 2023.

List of Best Nigerian Universities for Postgraduate Studies
1. University of Ibadan:

Virtually every West African student has long turned to this school.The institution is renowned for its high-quality, fast-paced graduate programs in research-based fields such as the arts, sciences, law, social sciences, agriculture, pharmacy, medicine, and business.
The cost of living for students is very low and the number and quality of staff are excellent. However, like any school, the UI has its strengths and weaknesses, but the benefits are more and more. Anyone who can ride the classic Yoruba streets of Ibadan will have no problem getting trained in UI.
2. University of Ilorin:

This university seems to appear in almost every list and ranking of Nigerian universities. The school is located in the town of Yorfula in Ilorin, central Nigeria. The school has good infrastructure and good administration.
A good maintenance culture has been fostered and staff are ready to serve.students look up to her UNILORIN for various reasons. The main reason is the fact that its academic calendar is fast, rigorous, indestructible and unbeatable. Most of Ilorin’s faculty are trained in-country by the school itself due to its excellent recruitment policy.
3. Ahmadu Bello University:

This is the highest rated university in Nigeria for quality postgraduate programs. Located in the heart of Kaduna, the school produces about 70% of Nigeria’s academics, technocrats and northern politicians. This school has excellent infrastructure with a good maintenance culture. Research is matched by excellent teaching and fast-paced programs.

University of Benin:

UNIBEN is another excellent school for postgraduate studies in several departments. The emphasis here on “SOME” is that some departments are known to have minor glitches that unnecessarily slow down the program.
These faults usually arise from his HOD in such departments.
But UNIBEN’s PG program is good, fast and solid. Although the physical infrastructure is in place, much of it is worn out and UNIBEN’s maintenance culture is lacking.
The strength of our graduates is admirable. The academic staff is primarily Ibadan, some from Lagos, and others trained internally at the school. The journal has a low impact factor, but higher than most federal universities.
This school is known for law, social studies, arts, medicine and science.

5. University of Lagos:


The University of Lagos is one of the leading universities in the country. It is a first-generation school that has produced many graduates. The school is located in the vibrant city of Lagos, the commercial center of Nigeria.

It has a reputation for having the best faculty and programs in the country.
Universities cannot have ethnically diverse faculty, so in this school you will often meet teachers from Igbo, Igala, Noupe, Ed, Urhobo, Hausa, etc. UNILAG has a strong alumni organization like his UI and has carved out a unique niche in PG programs. Programs include M.A., MPA, MBA, M.Sc, M.Agric, M.Fishery, M.Tech, M.Ed, Ph.D. etc. The school is known for law, arts, sciences, engineering and social studies.
This may be a subjective survey, but I have researched it as objectively as possible, so comments and opinions are welcome. Learning is a continuous process.
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