How to make friends in school as Shy person

A Shy Person’s Guide to Making Friends at School. 

A Shy Person's Guide to Making Friends at School.
A Shy Person’s Guide to Making Friends at School.A Shy Person’s Guide to Making Friends at School.

Many of us struggle to talk to new people, but meeting new people doesn’t have to be scary. Have a look at some of our ideas to help you start building new friendships at school.

1. Use Conversation Starters to Get Chatting.

2. Spend Time with Your Friend’s Friends

Hanging out with friends of friends can be a great way to meet new people. It’s always less awkward if you have someone to introduce you and something to talk about.

3. Speak to Someone Who’s on Their Own

Not only will you be helping someone else who might be in a similar situation to you but it usually feels easier to approach one person than a large group.

4. Look for Common Interests

Having something in common with someone won’t automatically make you best friends, but people tend to open up about things they’re passionate about.

5. Be Approachable.

It’s far easier to approach someone who looks like they want to talk to you. Barriers such as wearing earphones and negative body-language might put people off.

6. Ask Open Questions.

Open questions are questions that can have a number of responses, whereas closed questions are questions which are limited to a few set answers. When chatting to people try to use open questions to encourage discussion and if you get asked a question try to respond in a way that suggests you’re happy to continue a conversation.

How do I attract friends at school?

This guide offers some tips for making friends at your new school or college.

1.Reach out to other people.

For some people, chatting to someone they’ve never met before comes as naturally as breathing. …

Ask open questions and listen actively. …

Join a team or club you are interested in. .

Spend more time with your new friends.

How do students make friends?

Students are most likely to make friends with:

classmates or people they work with. students they have been friends with in the past. students they enjoy talking to.

How can I be more social in school?

How To Be More Friendly?

Make Eye Contact & Smile. Smiling at others goes a long way. 

A Simple “Hi” Will Do. 

Be Aware Of Your Body Language. 

Be Encouraging. 

Allow People Their Space. 

Take The Lead — Don’t Wait! .

Ask People Questions About Themselves.

Practice Talking To Others.

How to Get New Friends

Be happy (or fake it) People are attracted to people who seem to be having a good time. …

Bring out the compliments. A little flattery never hurts, especially when it’s genuine. …

Make the first move. …

But be willing to practice patience. …

See yourself in the other person. …

Act confident. …

Choose wisely.

How to stop been shy or Quite

  • From shy to fly
  • Baby steps are the way to go. 
  • Remember the excellent stuff about you. ..
  • Why are you shy? …
  • They’re not looking at you. …
  • Shift your focus. …
  • Self-talk yourself up. …
  • Don’t avoid social situations altogether, even if they make you nervous and uncomfortable. …
  • Practise your social skills.

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