List of top 10 Australian university with cheapest tuiton fee 2023

Top 10 Australian Universities with Cheapest Tuition Fees.

Universities in Australia attract thousands of international students from all over the world each year. Some of Australia’s best universities are also ranked as some of Australia’s cheapest universities. With affordable prices, excellent academic standing and prime locations, these universities offer a truly authentic Australian experience.

It is important to note that seven Australian universities, starting with the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Monash University, Australian National University and University of Sydney, are ranked in the top 100 academic rankings of world universities. is. University of New South Wales and University of Western Australia.

Australia’s cheapest university tuition varies slightly by course. Here is a list of Australian universities with affordable annual tuition for undergraduate programs.

1.Sunshine Coast University.



Sunshine Coast University offers flexible study options across its network of campuses between Brisbane and the Fraser Coast, where students are welcomed in a friendly and supportive environment. Highly qualified faculty, cutting-edge technology, and individual attention make this university a renowned destination for international students. Having said that, it is also important to note that this university offers the most affordable tuition fees for international students wishing to study in any of the courses offered by this institution.
Annual Tuition:

  • Business Degree: $24,000 Annual Fee
  • Science Degree: $28,000 Annual Fee
  • Arts Degree: $24,000 Annual Fee.

University of Southern Queensland

The University promotes mutual respect, diversity, inclusion, relationships and community values ​​and believes that all students have a role to play in instilling values ​​in society. increase. The founding campus is located in Toowoomba and hosts over 4000 students. Other locations are Springfield and Ipswich. The annual tuition fees for this college are:

  • Annual Tuition Fees:
    Business Degrees: Annual Fees $24,400
  • STEM Degrees: Annual Fees $32,000

For its excellence in higher education. It features a well-researched curriculum and teaching methods that maintain high levels of satisfaction among alumni, employers and partners. Many of the degree programs at this university offer the opportunity to do an internship in their freshman year to ensure that students have the skills they need for real-world situations. Yearly tuition for this college:

  • Yearly tuition
    Business degree: Annual fee $28,224
  • Science degree: Annual fee $30,400
  • Theology degree: Annual fee $20,000
  • Arts degree: Annual fee $19,600
  • Computer Science degree: Yearly Dues $25,600

Federation University Australia.

Driven by excellence, this university is known for its desire to improve communities and change lives. The university has campuses in Ballarat, Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland and Wimmera. A diverse university with over 24,000 local and international students pursuing the same goals. Federation University also offers students financial aid, textbook and laptop vouchers, and a $35,000 scholarship. The tuition fees for international students at this university are as follows:

Annual Tuition:

  • Business: $25,500 Annual
  • Engineering: $28,800 Annual
  • Information Technology: $24,300
  • Arts: $21,600
  • Science: $27,80 Annual.

Southern Cross University

A multi-campus university on the east coast of Australia. It has a reputation as a progressive institution with branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Other campuses are located in South East Queensland, New South Wales and Coffs Harbour. The university also offers degrees with collaborators from China and Papua New Guinea.

Annual Tuition Fees

Business Degrees: $25,200 Annual Fee

STEM Degrees: $30,800 Annual Fees

Arts Degrees: $25,200 Annual Fees

They have
the most amazing learning experience. We offer a wide range of courses to equip you with excellent skills for the job market and life. This university also offers a wide range of scholarships exclusively for international students. Australian Catholic University tuition fees for international students are as follows:


Charles Darwin University

Known as one of Australia’s most multicultural universities he Charles Darwin University offers a comfortable and welcoming environment with excellent staff and academic excellence to international students is offered to It also ranks among Australia’s top five universities for employment and alumni salaries results. Here are the tuition fees for some courses in this university:
The university is known as Australia’s most experienced distance learning provider. The focus is on providing a personal and flexible approach to learning with over 200 courses and opportunities to study online or on campus. Available at the lowest price. Here are the annual tuition fees for our most popular courses:


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